A few months ago, I did a little navel-gazing and wrote about some tough things that have happened this past year, and why I haven't written many blog posts since last October. I mentioned that I was making some decisions. And before jumping into the next big thing, I wanted to share these big decisions with you.  

I decided to quit my job

Yep, the first decision I made was to quit my job in August. It was tough. I felt guilty for leaving my team and my projects. It was scary. I've never quit without having another job or gig lined up. This time I just... quit. I don't have any plans at the moment to go back to work. But this first decision makes the other ones possible, and will allow me to fulfill some personal goals.

I decided to do some long-term traveling again 

For a while I've felt an intense need to travel again, without deadlines and limits. Happily, I was able to start doing this in August and September with an incredible 5-week trip to Australia (which I hope to post about very soon!).

Now I'm making plans for a solo 4-month trip through Southeast Asia, probably including Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Burma. I'm nervous about going alone again, and for so long, but I have faith in myself and in the traveling community that things will work out and people will be there when I need them.

I decided to live up to my values

It's important to me to give back, at least a little, while I'm traveling. For this reason I've been spending a lot of time researching volunteer programs. I would like to work with animals and nature and go with a well-known organization rather than grassroots, so I chose to try a conservation program through IVHQ. The plan is to volunteer in November with turtles (!); I'll let you know how it goes.

I decided it's time to put down some roots

Finally, the biggest decision of all: I believe that it's time for me to move back to the US. Things are still fuzzy and nothing is final, but unless something changes I plan to start looking for a job somewhere in the US next year. I'll be very sad to leave Copenhagen, but I'm ready to find the place I can call home for a while, and my heart is telling me I need to do that closer to my family and in a culture that feels more like me.

So, I guess my life is living up to this blog's name (for now). I am still restless, but I also feel much more at peace.

Looking forward to sharing more stories and adventures with you all soon!