About a month ago, I found out that my company is planning to close its office in Copenhagen. I was offered the opportunity to relocate but decided to decline. Which meant that I was, in effect, laid off.

While the experience certainly made me go through a cycle of emotions, I've now moved on to acceptance and a sense of anticipation for what's next. Losing my job is a blessing in disguise (ugh, such a cliche phrase) in that it gives me the chance to take a couple months off to travel, something I've dreamed about for the past year.

I must admit, I'm a little scared. Although I've been on many, many trips, the longest amount of time I've ever traveled was 3 weeks. I'm going to Southeast Asia, which I've never been to, other than a weekend in Bali. I've never backpacked, and I've never traveled alone. So this trip will be an adventure for me in multiple ways. But I've been doing my research and getting inspiration from solo travel-bloggers such as Jodi Ettenberg at Legal Nomads, Kristin Addis at Be My Travel Muse and Nomadic Matt.

Maybe I'm 10 years late in doing the whole backpacking-through-Asia thing, but the circumstances mean that now is the time. I feel extremely lucky—spoiled, really—to have the ability and resources to pause for a little while and explore before jumping into my next job.

I've put my things into storage and moved out of my apartment. I booked a round-trip flight to Bangkok, and I'll spend the first couple of weeks with a travel partner in Thailand. After that, I'll be on my own. My plan is to go north to Chiang Mai and then travel through Laos and Vietnam before coming back to Copenhagen—I just picked up my visa to Vietnam for the month of April! I'm planning on being gone for 2 months but if I don't have a job to come back to, I might extend the trip.

I'm committing to keep the blog updated as I go, not only to keep my mom reassured that I'm safe, but also as a document for myself. I'll update my location on the home page to increase chances of meeting up with others along the way. 

Here's to seizing opportunities! More to come...