I'm Jenny, a designer who loves to travel and eat, and read and write about traveling and eating. Thanks for reading my stories.

Since I was 17 and took my first trip overseas to Italy, I was hooked. I constantly dream about and visit places that I find unique and lovely, both close to home and far away. Originally from southeast Michigan, I've lived in Munich, Stuttgart, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco. 

In November 2014 I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, for my job as a user experience designer working on software and mobile apps. Since then, I've been traveling around Europe, trying to visit as many new countries as possible, and eat as much good local food as my belly can handle.   

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Please note that all photos on this site have been taken by me, unless otherwise credited. I'm often happy to give others permission to use my photos or writing, but please ask first, and don't use my images or words without my consent.